About Us

A1 Components Ltd. was established in 2007 by Jay Rawal who has been working in the car industry since 1986. His outstanding knowledge, experience and passion for the automotive industry through all these years is reflected in the components  A1 supplies, he remains focused on the process of reverse engineering and  development of each and every  component which is enhanced exceeding many OE or 1st tier specification resulting in a overall better part. 

As cars get older certain components begins to deteriorate and must be replaced. Vehicle Manufacturers supply these safety critical parts which are very expensive, resulting high maintenance costs. Jay realised that the parts are tightly controlled by specification and inspection regimes. He could therefore manufacture the same components in China at a fraction of the cost as labour rates are relatively cheaper, proving a valuable service to the motorist. He approached TS16949 (Automotive Industry Standards Certification) approved manufacturers who confirmed that they are able to manufacture to the required rigid specifications using aligning technology to meet the quality requirements. Starting with a pilot order, Jay began to import parts. Wholesalers quickly recognised that he was providing a high quality product and orders soon started to flood in.
A1 Components Ltd. supplies certified alternative car parts. The components that are in the range are reverse engineered and are enhanced for better fitment, durability and functionality.
A1 Components Ltd. offers excellent stock availability in the UK market. 
One of the aims of A1 Components is to meet customers’ needs and expectations. 
A1 Components is proud of offering prompt delivery of components to our customers. 
Through the expansion of product portfolio stock levels increased, over 1000 references are in the range of A1 Components Ltd. now and the business aim is continuous grow and enhancement of the product portfolio.
Jay Rawal can be contacted at             +44 (0)7734 710 975 or  jay@a1components.co.uk